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Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Pinckney, MI


The patient's front tooth was discolored from a previous root canal. We placed an all ceramic full coverage crown for strength, durability and esthetics. Now she can smile with confidence.

The patient's front teeth were chipped and uneven. A tooth-colored composite filling was added to replace the chipped corner and the remaining teeth were cosmetically contoured.

The patient is a beautiful young girl who felt her top teeth were too tapered at the bottom corners, making them appear gapped. With simple cosmetic bonding, Dr. Adiska was able to impove the overall look and feel of her smile.


This young teenager felt she had buck-teeth. Simple cosmetic contouring and cosmetic bonding gave her the look she was going for.

We are doing exciting things at Adiska Family Dental. Watch as Dr. Heather transforms this young girl's smile and restores her confidence. All done without numbing or removing vital tooth structure. LUMINEERS by Cerinate allow us to permanently whiten teeth, fix uneven spacing, lengthen short teeth and reshape awkward teeth. Don't waste another minute hiding your smile, book a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Heather today.